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drum corps or whatever

This blog is run by 3 people about dci bc if we talk about this on facebook we get called nerds and that's not cool ok

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Troopers and Crossmen drumline battled it out tonight! (2014)

Via the Trooper’s Facebook page







Defenders, marching chimes, 1978.

Sweet Jesus

Excuse me but what

Bring this back 2k14

The struggle was real, back in the day

I show this picture to the bass line at the high school I tech at anytime anyone bitches about the weight


Blue Devils Reppin’ Nosebleed seats Lol !

punkjoly asked:My new instructor was a Cadet for a year a while ago. One time didn't drink enough water and didn't stretch and he popped his calf muscle in two, but he was the point of a triangle so he kept marching. Hardcore.

Ryan Brannan, Crown 2010 Mello, fractured one of his tibias in the middle of finals competition and continued to march (although I think he just attempted to get up) until he got to backfield and had to be taken off the field in the middle of the show. (Please don’t quote me on this omg I’m just going off what I’ve been told please don’t hate me.) Anyway, Crown finished their show and he did a great job!



sometimes in the middle of playing a rep i realize i’m not thinking and that it’s all muscle memory and then i start to focus on the notes and then i completely fuck up the rep

Or when you have to play down the line

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Blue Stars San Antonio Photo credit Zach Ashcraft



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  • baby: b-b-
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help-im-colorblind asked:So drum corps seems so much easier now a days then it did back then. My high school drumline coach played snare on Vanguards 88' and 89' lines. He says they had way more camps and more activities besides their tour. I'm big saying it's not hard. Idk if I could do it. Which I work love to. But._. yeah

I personally don’t have an opinion on this but I’m sure it might have been harder! Either way, no matter the time, all members have surely worked hard and produce great products. :)